Monopoly City Streets: A Google Powered Online Monopoly Game

monopoly city streetsMonopoly  City Streets is a live global game of MONOPOLY that turns the world’s cities into a giant Monopoly City game board using Google Maps. You can virtually own any street across the world and play to become the richest property magnate in the world.

Unlike the traditional board game edition, there are no playing pieces or movements. Rent is paid out by the game itself each day, which are based on the properties you buy for the site, and not by other players. You get to earn rent from your properties every day, even if you don’t play. Your rent is calculated automatically by the game so that you can focus more on your property buying rather than being good at math.

You’ll start with a bank balance of 3 Million Monopoly Dollars. You can start by buying and owning the very street you live in. Then follow it up by buying friend’s streets, your neighborhood, your town, cities, and the world. You can own virtually any street across the globe.

The game will be live and open until January 31, 2010.

We want to watch the popularity of the site in the coming months and see how consumers react. But at the present time, we are planning on closing the application on Jan. 31, 2010. We can’t speculate on what we may decide to do at that point.

Play against the world and enjoy a live and global game of MONOPOLY.

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