LoudCrowd: Music Meets Games

loud-crowdLoudCrowd is a social networking site where in their own words, music meets play, gaming meets people, people play with people, and encounter squirrels, cupcakes, and toast that like music. If you love music and want to have some fun while listening, better check out this cool site. They have constant music flows, guest DJs and loads of fun music related games for you to play.

You can interact with other users by playing games and performing virtual dance moves. You can also send them whispers if you want to get more personal. It’s like a virtual party place for music lovers. The game platform of LoudCrowd allows you to customize your avatar and earn character points while the dancing interaction with other users to get their attention while playing a semi dance revolution-like game is quite unique on the social networking side.

If ever you’re in the mood for some beats and games, check out LoudCrowd.


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