Lamiglo: Memory Puzzle Games

lamigloLamiglo is a website that will help you train your brain while having some fun with puzzles. They aim to provide users with quality entertainment and a unique yet pleasant user experience. As of now, you can only play a couple of games in Lamiglo namely Sodoku and Memoglo.

Sodoku is a popular Japanese mind game with an objective to fill out the entire grid with numbers from 1-9 in a way that each other is not repeated in the same region, column, or row.

Memoglo is a simple memory game where you need to find all the matching pairs of cards. You are allowed to open two cards and you need to open all the matching pairs in order to finish the game.

The games in Lamiglo are pretty common and you can easily find them on the web but their unique and clean way of presenting those games is what makes Lamiglo stand out from other game sites. If you’re up for some Sodoku or Matching memory game, give Lamiglo a shot. It’s great for training your brain while having some fun with your kids or other family members.


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