Jam Legend: The Web Version of Guitar Hero

jam legendJam Legend is a game site that simulates the thrill of rocking out for a sold out crowd much like the popular console game Guitar Hero and Rock Band. You can either play with your keyboard or use any plastic guitar that is recognized by your PC. You need to download drivers and controller packs if you want to use the guitars that work with your favorite consoles. They have a wiki site that will guide you through the installation process for plastic guitar controllers that works with Mac and Windows.

JamLegend lets you play more songs, by more artists, with more friends, whenever and wherever you are, and all for free!

jam legend play

Jam Legend Features

Turn-Based Multiplayer: Duel your friends through E-mail, IM, or social networks (coming soon!) and let them play on their schedule.

Real-time Massive Multiplayer: Take on thousands of users in live, real-time showdowns.

New Songs: Experience new songs as artists join the JamLegend Platform

Compete with Everyone: Become JamLegendry as you see how you rank against other players from around the world

Tournaments: Earn prizes for being the best

Video Sample Below

If you couldn’t find a song that you want to play on their list, you can upload your own songs. Jam Legend uses digital signal processing, beat detection, and other automatic song analysis. It takes the song and converts it into a playable track within a few minutes.

Artists also get a chance to promote their music in a fun and engaging way. If you’re an artist, you can apply to be on the artist platform. This may be your stepping stone to stardom.

If you’re tired of playing guitar games on your favorite console and want to try out new songs and meet new friends online check out the web version and upload your favorite song and play it immediately.

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