Googolopoly: The Google Monopoly Board Game

Are you prepared to monopolize the Internet? Maybe you should try this game out first before thinking of a plan to monopolize the entirety of the internet. Googolopoly is an internet board game created by the guys at which is similar to the popular board game Monopoly and is based on the idea of the monster company Google taking over the internet.

The Goal of the game is to organize all of the world’s information by buying internet properties or by building it yourself. Once you have acquired a company or built a product, you can invest in developers and servers which are pretty much like what Google is doing nowadays.

Googolopoly is neither a desktop game nor online game that you can play in you computers (maybe in the future). It’s a true blue classic board game, which you can download at, in the form of a PDF. The file (19.6MB) contains all the essentials of the game including tokens, certificates, cards, company deeds and the whole board game itself. Enjoy Googolopolizing!

Update: Those of your who are trying to download Googolopoly from, you will now get a pdf  saying that the printable board game was taken down due to problems with hasbro. However, if you still want to get a copy of the file, you can download it here.

8 Comments on “Googolopoly: The Google Monopoly Board Game

  1. Wow…how did they know?
    I’ve always loved the game Monopoly and yes Google is becoming so big, but I have to take my hat off to them, for being able to provide innovative tools for free!

  2. True, Google is a great company and provides great and innovative services for free but what scares most is that when they have taken over most of the companies in the internet, are they still going to provide the free services that we are enjoying? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. I also enjoy playing Monopoly. 🙂

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