Gartic: Online Guess the Drawing Game

Gartic is a web-based online drawing game which purpose is to score points by guessing what the other player has drawn. The game can be played on your browser without having to download anything or use a third party plugin.

To start playing, just head over to the Gartic website and choose a nickname for yourself. The next step is to choose a room to play in and click the Play now button. In each round a word is given to a player and that player must draw (as best they can) the assigned word. When the word is guessed, both players get points(being the players that guessed the drawing correctly and the player that is drawing at that time). After each guess the amount of points gets smaller, until they reach the minimum amount of 1(one).

If you’re looking for something that will let you practice your guessing power while killing some time online, Garctic might just be the right app for you. You also get to socialize a bit with other players while playing through the chat window.

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