FlockPoker: Create a Texas Hold Em Poker Room Accessible Through a Link

FlockPoker is a game site where you can play Texas Hold Em Poker for free. What makes this particular service interesting is that it allows you to create your own Poker room that is accessible by anyone with a browser.

The process is very easy. Simply create a poker table from the FlockPoker homepage. You can start with giving your poker table a name and setting the maximum and minimum buy-ins. You’ll know when you’re done when FlockPoker gives you a link to your poker table. The URL of your poker table will contain the name that you’ve provided earlier (e.g. http://flockpoker.com/orangeinks ). Your poker table page will not be deleted as long as FlockPoker stays alive. All you need to do now is distribute the link and wait for poker players to appear on your table.

If you love playing poker with your friends or with random people, FlockPoker is one easy way of gathering players to play with you. You don’t have to worry about them signing up for a poker site. Simply embed the link to your website, blog, social networking page, forums, email, SMS and IM’s to invite people to come in.

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  1. Flock Poker has a lot of problems. I love the idea of this site, but absolutely nothing on this site works right now. It’s a complete waste of your time.

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