DestroyBox: Thousands of Free Flash Games for You

destroyboxHere’s a new website that casual gamers would definitely find to their liking. DestroyBox offers thousands of free flash games for you to enjoy. The games found on DestroyBox are carefully categorized so that you can easily find the game that best suits you. Links of related and random games can also be found on each game page.

Not only that DestroyBox allows you to play those cool short games for free, you can also track your favorite games by logging-in using a Google/Yahoo/OpenID account. Once you’ve logged in, just press the favorite button. This way, you can go back and play the games that you’ve enjoy most without searching the entire site over again. Searching DestroyBox for a game that you’ve previously played could take some time for the site is constantly updated and could mean more trouble for you if you’ve forgotten the title of the game. Marking a game as your favorite is probably the best way for you to easily finding it again so that you can play and share it with your friends.

This is another recommended site to visit if you are looking for short games that will bring you loads of fun. Whether you like violent puzzle games, shooting, mind games, adventure, sports or board games, you’ll surely find a game for you in DestroyBox.

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destroybox gundam capsule fighter game

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