Cognitive Fun: Learn and Play with Your Brain

Cognitive Fun is an online place where you can find out about the capacity of your brain by taking tests and playing simple games. There are different types of tests/games that you can execute or play with to get to know your brain better. You can choose to take attentional, perceptual, executive, item span, memory or experimental test.

This site aims to be both an educational and practical resource for those trying to find out more about cognitive tests/games, or cognitive neuroscience in general.

Cognitive Fun will record statistics on how well you perform on each type of test. Those stats will be available to you in your profile page. That profile page can has an embed code that you can use to share your profile widget to friends and blog readers. Aside from sharing your cognitive achievement(s) with your readers, you can also share the games/tests found in the service. Most of the tests includes an embed code which will allow you to share them with everyone.

The service is like one of those Train Your Brain or Brain Age games that can be played on game consoles. It’s a great way to have a little fun and tweak those neurons at the same time. Check it out and have a little neuro-fun.

Check out and play the embedded game sample below

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