BetYourFollowers: Bet Your Twitter Followers for Real

betyourfollowersHere’s something new that you can do with your Twitter followers, place them as bets on BetYourFollowers. It’s a Twitter game that lets you wager your followers for the chance of winning more. You can use this app to get rid of spam followers/ bot followers by using them as bets.

How to Play

Sign in with your Twitter account and allow access to BetYourFollowers. Then choose which followers you want to bet and start shaking the screen like a Polaroid picture. You can increase your chances of winning by shaking the gorilla and taking on low-risk opponents. You can battle other Twitter friends — if you defeat them, you win followers. If you lose, you lose followers — for real!

BetYourFollowers is an unusual way of gaining new Twitter followers – that is provided that you win most battles. If you lose, you can always ask the followers you lost to follow you back again. Just be careful on who you use as bets, some of them might not be too happy if you lose them to someone else and might not follow again. If they choose not to follow you again, at least you get to gain new/random followers on battles that you’ve won. Who knows, maybe you’ll make new Twitter friends this way and lose unworthy followers.

betyourfollowers battle

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