Wordle: Create Word Art Using your Blog

I was digging through my bookmarks and I just happened to find this really cool web app. Some of you may have already known about this tool but for those who are new to it, here it is.

Wordle is a web app that allows you to create word art from your blog . It’s kind of similar to tag clouds or word clouds. The only difference is that the created word cloud is in the form of an image file.

To use the tool, just enter the URL of you blog. Wordle will generate a random word art for you. You can then edit your word art to match your taste. You can change color schemes, font styles, word positions and backgrounds. Or, you can use my favorite feature, Randomize. If you wish to generate a word art from your list of selected words, you may do so by placing the words you want to appear on your word art instead of using the URL box.

You can print your generated word art, showcase them in your blog or share them with your friends by saving it to the Wordle Gallery. The web app may not be entirely useful but it’s fun and really cool.

7 Comments on “Wordle: Create Word Art Using your Blog

  1. I love wordle. I have used it a couple of times on my blog. It’s so cool. I am thinking about making some artwork for my walls using wordle designs. I think that would be so cool.

  2. Hi Katy, we both share the same fascination with wordle. I really enjoy watching the word arts produced whenever I place the randomize button. I also use other websites. It’s pretty cool. 😉

  3. @FragileHeart: That would be pretty cool. I think that would require Wordle to search your entire site. It would make it crawl but it’s a pretty cool idea. Or, they can do a search of your entire Sitemap which only displays the url(or titles of posts depending on permalinks settings)

    @Roger: I agree with you. It could also be used as a part of the blog design.

    @Preston: Increasing the number of “Show the most recent Syndication feeds” (in WordPress) is the only way I can think of to increase the number of words generated in Wordle.

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