WhatsItsColor: What Colors are Used in an Image

In Photoshop, when you need to find a color of an image object, the eyedropper tool is the best way to go to find out what color code is being used. This is usually done when selecting the color code for use in CSS to match the text colors with the images on a website.

WhatsItsColor is a simple color processing utility which will help you easily get the color codes used in an image. What it does is evaluate an image and show that image’s primary and complementary dominant colors. All you need to do is to upload or place the URL of the image you wish to dissect (color-wise) and the engine will do everything for you. You don’t have to go to Photoshop or any image editor just to get the color codes that you need. It even suggests a background color that will fit your image.

Extremely useful when creating any type of designs around an image. The more colorful the image, the better the results. Results will display your image on the best suited background for that image.

Note: The service has a 1MB (MegaByte) file size limit. Assuming that you have a large image, you should resize it first before uploading. I think that the service is optimized for use on small sized web based images only.

7 Comments on “WhatsItsColor: What Colors are Used in an Image

  1. That was a cool way to present the post … with that before and after flash photos… indeed with flash is much more cool!


    Love it!

  2. That is EXACTLY what I needed! Thanks you!!! Sometimes it’s so hard to match a painting/picture to one solid because of all the visual input from the other colors.

  3. @Lyndi and WB: LOL! That photo is classic! Made me laugh so hard when I first encountered it.

    @Jamie Sue: Even though the app is only optimized for images with simple colors ( which will give you more accurate results), using it with photos/paintings with tons of colors present might also work. You might find it a little tough distinguishing the which color is which because of the different color shades. Plus, it only displays the dominant colors used.

    I find the background color suggestion quite useful.

    @Fragileheart: Thanks for the bookmark. You’re the best! 🙂

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