Typedia: A Community Site for TypeFaces

typediaTypedia is a website focused on providing information about Typefaces. The community site aims to classify typefaces and educate people about them. Anyone can join the community to contribute information by adding and editing pages for typefaces. Together, they aim to make Typedia a shared encyclopedia of typefaces that provides content as accurate as possible.

The site is a like a mix between IMDB and Wikipedia, but just for type. Here, you can learn different things about typefaces. You’ll be able to get information about where they come from, who made them and why they look like the way they do. It will give you a deeper understanding of fonts and their history.

Typedia is also a great resource for designers in discovering new types of fonts. You can simply explore their pages and browse their listings. You’ll also be able to learn more about the anatomy of a typeface. Become familiar with the terms used when constructing and designing a particular type.

The most important part of the Typedia is the community. The members, along with the creators of the site, are the ones who provide us with the useful information about typefaces. The collaboration and information sharing amongst the members is what makes community powered sites like these a success. Whether you are someone with a passion for fonts, a designer or simply someone looking for a new typeface – your opinions and contributions will surely make a big difference.

typedia anatomy of typeface

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