TwitDraw: Gaffiti on Twitter

twitdrawTwitDraw is a tool that allows you to make an online graffiti and post it on Twitter. If you’re tired of posting photos, links and tweets on Twitter, this might spice things up for you. The service is created by the same Graffiti guys that made the Facebook app.

The app is pretty simple and easy to use. You’ll be given a simple brush to work with. You can edit the width, color and opacity of the brush which is pretty much all there is to it. There’s no special editing and effects tool for you to worry about. Just start drawing and creating the effect you need by adjusting the opacity of your brush and combining the colors. There’s an undo button for small mistakes and a start over button for huge mistakes.

When done with your graffiti, you can easily send it as a Twitter update. You can add a 100 character long message along with your Graffiti. The other 40 characters will be taken by the Twitdraw link to your graffiti page. People can thumb up or thumb down the submitted graffiti or they can double thumb up them which automatically gives it a thumb-up rating plus a retweet.

twitdraw graffiti editor

twitdraw graffiti

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