Toyota’s iQ Font: Designed by a Moving Car

Happiness Brussels, a Belgian ad agency, came up with a unique promotion idea, to design a font using a moving Toyota iQ. A couple of typographers, a pro race driver and an interactive software developer collaborated together in order to produce this one of a kind typeface.

toyota iq

A custom program was created to track the motion of the car’s skid. The drivers of the car were told what sort of skids the need to perform in order to create the strokes which are going to be used to build the entire font.

iq font

The making of iQ font video

You can download the iQ agility font. It’s free.

1 Comment on “Toyota’s iQ Font: Designed by a Moving Car

  1. I would like to see them do this with more production cars, it’s a pretty cool idea. I wonder what a limo or hummer font would look like.

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