4 Comments on “The Evolution of Tech Company Logos and Some Guidelines

  1. Great post. I love seeing how different company logos have transitioned over time. I particularly like the Castrol and Burger King’s logo transitions. I do have one thing I disagree with. But maybe I just need some clarification on your 4th point about doing alternative versions.

    I believe that you need to have some continuity standards. If you allow freedom to alter your logo and make it fit the surroundings, you are loosing some of your identity. There is a reason that companies like Apple, John Deere and other large corporations have branding guidelines that are an inch thick. I think once you have a logo, it’s representation needs to be consistent in all applications.

    Let me know what you are thinking.

  2. Thank you for a great comment BigPappa. I have to apologize for being a little vague on that part. Producing alternatives for your logo is just a precaution you should take just in case you came upon a predicament that will threaten the company (such as infringement). Some small companies have started with logos that mimic huge companies. For whatever reason they do this is non of my business lol. I agree with you on your point about having continuity standards. It is important for a company to have this, but I think its a good idea to have something lying around just in case. Look at how quickly Apple changed their logo in 1976 and Canon in 1934. Maybe they figured that their logos are somewhat religion oriented.

  3. It’s up to you Day Rodz. What you see there are just guidelines. If you feel that you need a redesign then do so. Then you set you own guidelines. 🙂

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