Start3D: Create 3D Photos out of 2D Photos

Start3D is a way of creating you own personal three dimensional images out of 2D photos. Watch your photos pop before your eyes by using this new tool.

How To take 3D Photographs

Getting started in 3D photography is easy. Just take two side-by-side photographs approximately eye distance apart with your normal camera. It’s very important not to move the camera too much in between the two shots – for best results, it is suggested that you move only about an inch per four feet of distance to the subject (2cm per meter of distance to the subject). Make sure both of your photographs are in focus and well lit. You should end up with two .JPG files. If necessary, rotate them to be the right way up.

For action shots, you will need to use a 3D camera such as Fuji’s REAL 3D W1 camera o capture both images at the same time. You can also fuse two cameras side by side like what the guy on the photo did. (check out the image below)

Have fun experimenting!

Photo Credits:  Russ Beinder

How to Create 3D Photographs

To create your 3D photo, simply take the two photos taken side-by-side. You’ll need a left and a right version of the photo to match each eye. As far as Start3D is concerned, that’s just the amount of work you need to do. Once the two photos are uploaded, all you have to do is sit back and let Start3D do the rest of the magic for you.

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