SRT: Get Free DIY HTML Resume Template

srtSRT or Sample Resume Template is where you can acquire a free template for your online resume. It’s a simple and easy way to build a HTML resume. Just download the files, edit them and make your revisions, and upload to your web server. The template is totally free and you won’t have to pay a penny of royalty fee if you’re going to use SRT.

What’s so great about SRT is it is simple and direct to the point. This is a time-saver for the person who’s going to hire you without going to the trouble of reading long accomplishments and personal data. Keeping it simple also prevents prying eyes from gathering too much information about you since this is going to be published online. You can give them the personal information that they require on the day of the interview.

Online resumes are easy to access. You can send your URL via text message, IM, email or whatever form of digital transfer you can think of. It will give the employer a quick and concise overview of what you are capable of and reduce the time spent mailing/Faxing your resume to them. The online digital format also saves paper and printer ink. There’s also a PDF download link if they choose to have a hard copy of your resume. You can also easily access the download page for quick printing if it is required by the company in certain cases.

SRT online html resume

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