Shape Collage: Fast Shape Picture Collage Creator

shape collageShape Collage is a light-weight desktop application that allows you create photo collages automatically. The selling point of the software is that you can do them in any shape you can think of. It works on Windows (XP, Vista, 2000), Mac OS X and Linux. Java must be installed in order for Shape Collage to run.

Creating your shaped collage is automatic and only takes a minute of your time to create and a couple more to setup. The photos are automatically arranged depending on the shape of your choice. You can use a rectangular, circular or heart shape for starters. If you want to me more creative with your collage, you can use the text option. Shape Collage will follow the outline of the letters in your text using the provided photos. And if you want to be extremely creative, you can customize and draw your own shape, adjust some settings and watch the collage engine do the rest for you.

Shape Collage is a quick, fun and creative way of producing photo collages. You can use it to create something new for your friends or use it on your next design. Just play around with the settings until you get your desired effect.

shape collage samples

Shape Collage is completely free for personal use, but for commercial use, Shape Collage Pro must be purchased (1 license per computer).

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