RSSInclude: Simple Customizable RSS Box Templates for your Website

rssincludeRSSInclude is a web tool that you can use to quickly and easily publish RSS feed content. Say you have a website or a favorite site with RSS feeds and want to publish it in a customized RSS box to be displayed on another website, you can easily do so without breaking a sweat by creating an RSS Box in RSSInclude.

What is a RSS Box?

It is a piece of HTML/Javascript that can be used to display content of RSS feeds on your website. The box will contain the feeds or different feeds from several sites no matter which template you select.

For starters, just select an RSS box template that you wish to use.

Simple Vertical List

The classic one. Show a feed in a vertical list. This type of RSSbox fits bests for news feeds. Long descriptions still look pretty. You can style dimensions, font-sizes, colors and background-colors.

Simple Tabloid

Want to include a stylish Tabloid in your website or blog? With this free version you can create a 2×2-Tabloid with a fixed width of 480px within a few minutes.


This template is optimized for Twitter feeds. You can add one (or more) Twitter feeds and set box dimensions, colors, timezone, date format, handling of the username and much more. Just try it.

The service is free for single feeds. If you want to merge different feeds together in a single box, you can easily get the premium account and have more freedom with the customization and design of your RSS Box.

*A simple workaround to using RSS Include with merged feeds for free would be to use a third party feed merger and publish the merged feeds using RSS Include’s RSS Box.

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