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This is a neat tool for interior designers and for someone who is considering doing a room makeover. The site is called Design My Room. Whether you are an aspiring interior designer or just want to plainly fool around, I think you would find this site quite enjoyable. You can decorate practically any room that you can find in your own house including the basement, garage and laundry room. The site features an easy to use interface except for the part where you want to rotate an object to conform to the perspective. I can’t seem to figure out how to do that just yet. Real life interior designers have also something to show you in Design My Room, and you can check out their designs through the website and maybe give you an idea of what’s cool or not.

What is useful about this site is that it features real world products to choose from and it comes with prices and where to get them. It’s an interesting advertising move if you ask me. Instead of just playing around with a virtual appliance or furniture, you can actually place products that actually exist.

They also have a new feature planned for the near future. If you plan to apply designs to your own room, you will be able to upload an actual photo of your room and explore new colors and products. So, have fun with the site.

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  1. Mandi: Sorry to say but Design My Room is pretty unique and this is the only application that I know of that does what it does. But worry not, I will immediately post it here when I make a find. Thanks for visiting Mandi. 🙂

    Katrina: I think you can do that in Design My Room. You can choose a bed and it will also tell you where you can buy that particular bed and how much it will cost.

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