Rollip: Upload Photos, Convert to Polaroids

rollipHere’s something that will give your photos that retro Polariod effect. Rollip is a simple photo effect tool that allows you to create Polaroids from your photos. Whether you are a big fan of Polaroids who wants to convert your existing digital photos to get the effect that you loved, just someone who wants to have some fun with your photos, or someone who wants the effect for your next design project -Rollip will definitely help you in getting your Polariod effect needs.

In order to use the service, select which type of Polaroid size you wish to create. There’s the small or standard sized Polaroid and the large sized Polaroid for you to choose from. After making a choice, upload your photo and wait for it to be processed by the Rollip engine. It usually takes a few minutes for the processing to finish. After it’s done, you can download your Polaroid photo or use the link to share everywhere.

The service is free and lives only on user donations and a couple of ad units. There’s not registration or login required. Just start uploading your photos and get the Polaroid version of your digital photos. The next time you are in need of such a service, just head over to Rollip and get a retro photo transformation instantly.

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