Rollip Adds More Effects and Allows High Quality and Original Size Processing for Pro Accounts

rollip logoRollip is a service we reviewed a while back that allows you to convert ordinary photos and give them Polariod effects. In addition to the free service, Rollip just added a pro feature that allows you to choose from more effects in addition to the standard (free) account. A pro account will get you 40 effects in total and allow you to process high-quality and original large size photos.

You can purchase pro credits and use them to process high quality and original size photos. You can still process ordinary sized photos using the effects available on Rollip. You will need a Pro account if you want them processed in high resolution. Browse the site to check out the newly added photo effects.

As an early gift from me and Rollip, 10 Readers of Orangeinks can get a pro account for free with 30 credits each (the worth $5.98 per account, the normal Pro account is $2.99 for 15 photos). Just make the jump to get your Free Rollip Pro Account.

rollip polariod effects

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