Repper: Turn your Images Into Patterns

repperRepper is a simple yet effective tool that you can use to create patterns. It allows you to turn a portion of an image into eye-catching patterns for you to use on your websites, social networking pages and even desktops. It will enable you to produce unique pattern designs from unique images such as personal photos or any image that means something to you.

To create patterns using Repper, simply load a random image sample from the service or upload and use your own image. Once you have selected and image, you’ll see a pattern already forming from the image that you have chosen. You can change the pattern by dragging the box. You’ll see the pattern change before your eyes as you drag the square tool. Once you are satisfied with your pattern, save your pattern and use it on your desktop, websites or social networking pages.

If you like patterns and want to produce ones that you can call your own. You can use photos that you took or images that you have created to produce your own unique pattern design. Those designs can be used on your next web design project, use them in prints or even clothes.

repper pattern designer

Watch the video demo below.

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