Quick Button Maker from the Buttonator

The Buttonator is a simple online button maker (I think that’s just about it). What else can I say? Just select a button design and place the text that you want to appear in it. You can select fonts for your text and choose a color that suites your taste. Oh, and you can also choose from a small list of button designs. You don’t have to register in order to create a button and download it. However, if you want your buttons to be hosted at buttonator, you have to sign up and create a profile.

Great for users who do not want to use image editors just to create a small and simple button.

3 Comments on “Quick Button Maker from the Buttonator

  1. Cool. I have been on your blog for awhile, i love reading your blog. You can also create icons at The Buttonator. I tried it and it was great for a free site.

  2. Nihar: Thanks for the comment and I hope that you find the things I post here useful.

    Djyano:Thanks for your regular visits. I’m glad that you guys find Orangeinks useful. Seriously. 🙂

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