Pixton: Click and Drag Online Comic Creator

pixtonPixton is another place where you can create web comics. The creator makes it easy of anybody to produce their very own comic strips. This can be done by click-and-drag. You can move characters into any pose making it easy and entertaining to produce. You can also edit your character’s expressions, clothes, hair color, accessories and much more.

Using Pixton, you can create a Quickie Comic by choosing a template, selecting your characters, and typing your text to the text bubbles. The regular comic allows you to start from scratch and be more creative with your comic design and layout. The large format is made for t-shirts and posters where you can create one giant scene. You can also bring your comics and avatars to life by animating them. Set keyframes and let Pixton do the rest of the work for you. The animation is rendered to video so that you can easily upload them.

This social comic creator allows you to remix your friend’s creations. This simply means that you can create your own version of the comic or produce an entirely different ending using the same storyline. Making variations of a particular comic strip just adds more fun in it. A great part of using Pixton is its interactivity and the personalization of the comic characters making them your own, well, sort of.

Next time you‘re in the mood for creating your own web comic or simple want to share a short story through comics, try Pixton. There are a lot of neat things that you can do with it.

pixton comic creator

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