PimpTheFace: Easy Caricature Creator

pimpthefacePimpTheFace is an online face creator that allows you to draw a face without actually using a virtual drawing brush – making the creation process a snap. The web app uses pre-created face components and lets you choose which to use on your creation. All you need to do is put them together and create your desired look.

The face editor supports click and drag. Once you have selected a particular feature, just drag it around until you are satisfied. You can also scale and adjust the opacity of the features to complement your face design. You can watch the video below to see how the application works.

Another feature of the application that you’ll find useful is the background upload. With this, you can upload a photo of anybody and make a caricature of that photo using PimpTheFace. All you need to do is place each face element that matches the ones on the photograph. Once all the matches have been made, you can remove the background image and share the caricature with your friends on various social networking sites. This is one easy way of producing a caricature based on a photograph. See video below on how to create an Obama caricature using PimpTheFace.

Whether you want to create a virtual face or a caricature of someone you know without lifting a pen tool, PimpTheFace is a great place to start. It’s a different medium that you can use to express your creativity whether you can draw or not. Check out the site and enjoy.

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