Online Logo Maker: A Web Application for Easy Logo Design

online logo makerOnlineLogoMaker is a website that hosts a web tool called Easy Logo Maker. The application is focused on one thing only – helping you design logos with ease. If you don’t want to use complex image editors such as Photoshop which contains dozens of tools that you won’t probably need in designing a simple logo, then you better try this one out.

Easiy Logo Maker allows you to input three elements that you can use on your logo. You are allowed to add a Picture or an image, Text and Symbol. The Add Picture feature allows you to simply get an image file from your computer and add it on your working area. The add text feature and the editing tools that comes with it is self explanatory. The add symbol feature lets you select from a collection of vector shapes that you can use as part of your logo.

Once all the elements are in your Working Area, all that’s left for you to do is to arrange those elements to form your logo. The elements on your working area can easily be dragged to wherever you want them to be. You can change their sizes and orientation by clicking on them and dragging the corner of the selection box. You can look for shape combinations while editing the colors and effects to produce a unique shape that will best describe or fit your brand. Or, you can produce something totally weird and unique by combining texts, symbols and your own personal image. Regardless of what your design preference when it comes to logo design, the bottom line is that with this tool, you can easily produce your very own logo in matter of minutes.

Easy Logo Maker

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