Magic Window: Virtual Window for iPad

Magic Window is a “relaxation” app for the Apple iPad. It may be rather simple but it is actually useful for most. It turns your iPad into a virtual window with magical views of beautiful scenes. If you are stuck in your room with no window or office cubicle with only a spreadsheet application on front of you, then Magic Window might just do the trick for you.

You can choose from ten stunning scenes and watch them come to life before your eyes. Use the speed control to adjust the speed of the scene to make time go faster or slower. Touch your finger on the screen and slide sideways to move through time. View sunsets, mountain scenes, and even a fireplace. Use the controls to move through time and experience nature in a way never before possible.

If you want to create a relaxing and serene ambience using your iPad to add a little life to your room or working place, check this app out.

Magic Window for iPad Demo from josh michaels on Vimeo.

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