Like my Colors?

i-like-your-colorsIf you like the colors that I used in this site or other sites for that matter, you can easily check them out using I Like Your Colors. It’s a useful tool for gathering color data from sites that uses CSS for styling.

What the app does is extract the color codes found on the CSS styles. You can also see those codes using Firebug (Firefox Extension) but this is much easier and faster. Just remember that this tool is not effective in gathering color information from flash enabled sites and those that uses images for most parts of the web design. If you want to check out the colors used in an image(s) you can use Whatsitscolors for that or use the eyedropper tool in Photoshop.

There are so many websites out there featuring different color combinations in their design. If you are interested in those colors, you can use the tools that I’ve mentioned. Have fun coloring your sites.


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