IconFinder: Search Individual Icons and Icon Sets

icon finderIconFinder is a tool that mainly focuses on finding the best icons for you. You can search their database of high quality icons in an easy and efficient way. This is a very useful tool for web designers who are looking for the right tool that can be used in their next web project.

The service allows you to search for individual icons or iconsets. Each respective icon is tagged and rated by users. The proper tagging makes it easy for the user to search for a particular icon and the rating system is used by IconFinder to give you the highest rated icons/iconsets on the first page of the search result.

The search results page is as useful as the search tool. Aside from letting you select the density of the icons displayed per page, IconFinder also lets you change the background color from white to black to grey. You are also allowed to filter the results by icon size (12px, 16px.. 128px) and license. Every time you select and view a particular icon, IconFinder will display other sizes or versions of that particular icon so you can select which one will best suit your need. Other icons from the same icon set are also displayed on the bottom part of the page. Once you have made your choice, you can either download the PNG version of the icon or the ICO file format.

The next time you are in need of high quality icons or icon set, try searching through more than 100,000 icons or browse more than 200 icon sets in IconFinder.

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