Google Building Maker: Create 3D Buildings for Google Earth

Google Building MakerBuilding Maker is a 3D modeling tool that allows you to create and add buildings to Google Earth. The tool also works with Google Sketchup (Google’s 3D Modeling Software) so you can edit and modify your 3D building. You can setup a building in matter of minutes by using the building blocks and images that are provided by Google.

In order to create your three-dimensional model, you’ll need to get the Google earth plugin for your browser. The plugin is needed in order to run the builder engine. You can start by selecting location or a city from around the world. You can choose the location available for editing or you can let Google choose for you. Simply position building blocks on top of aerial images to quickly create realistic looking buildings. You’ll also need to have a Google account in order to save your 3D project for inclusion in Google Earth. It will be reviewed by Google, and once approved – your creation will be included on Google Earth for everyone to see.

Google Earth  3D Buildings

Google Building is a way of sharing your 3D modeling talents to the whole world and get credit for it. If you’re looking for something to do on your free time, you can try making a 3D building using the app and see your creation appear on Google Earth. The app works on your browser and once you’ve downloaded the required plugin, you can immediately start playing Sim City – Google Style.

Watch the demo video below

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