GifSoup: Create Animated Gifs from YouTube Videos

gifsoupCreating animated images are getting easier and easier. There are several online tools that you can use to make animated images or animated GIFs. Most of them can be used by simply adding images as frames for your animated GIF. But what if you want to create an animated image (GIF) with frames taken from a video.

GifSoup is a special tool that you can use to convert your YouTube videos into an animated GIF file. With this tool, you won’t have to screen capture portions of the video just to create a frame for your animated GIF. You can simply find a YouTube video you want to convert into an animated GIF, paste the YouTube URL of that particular video on GifSoup and begin converting immediately.

You can add a title for your animated GIF and include it in its proper category. The processing takes a couple of minutes to finish. The duration of the conversion will depend upon the length of the video that you chose. Once the processing is completed, you can choose the Start Time and End Time of the animated GIF that you’ll grab from the video. You only have a 10 second limit on the time length so choose your timeline carefully. You can preview your animated GIF and save it when you’re satisfied.

GifSoup is great for converting short videos into animated GIFs. You can simply upload your video clip on YouTube and use GifSoup to make the conversion for you.

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