Garden Puzzle: An Online Garden Design Tool

Here’s something for folks with green thumbs. Garden Puzzle is an online tool that allows you design a garden on your browser. You can add plants, equipments, fences, and much more. This virtual landscaping tool allows you plan your next garden design before you implement it on real life. It’s like playing Farmville minus the tedious job of farming and making money to buy stuff for your farm. Here, you can simply click and drag the garden elements on a scenery of your choice.

Garden Puzzle pays attention to detail so that you can have the best result for your garden. A good example of this is when you select a soil type, Garden Puzzle will automatically display on the plants that will grow well on that soil type. You can tell Garden Puzzle the soil reaction of your garden, Fertility and Humidity. The tool can also determine your climatic zone based on your post-code.

If you are planning on doing a garden makeover, Garden Puzzle is an excellent tool to consider in helping you with landscaping design. For those who want to build their garden without the help of an online tool or software, you can take advantage of Garden Puzzle to tell you which type of plant will best suit your garden based on soil type and climatic condition of your location. You don’t need to have a green thumb in order to have a great garden. All you need is the proper information about your location and which type of plants to use under a given climate. Either way this is a great tool which will help you in making your garden better.

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