FreshGenerator: Online Image Box Generator

FreshGenerator is an online web design tool that you can use to create graphic elements used in many web 2.0 sites. It can be used to create boxes of different styles and colors. You don’t have to worry about image sizes and playing with colors for it allows you to change them until it becomes the image that you are looking for.

Creating an image box is very easy using FreshGenerator and the box settings are very easy to understand. If you have trouble distinguishing which is which, just move the editing bar on an effect tool and click the update button. This will tell you which tool is related to a particular effect. Just play with it and see what happens.

You can edit the box’s width, height, transparency, color, gradient, padding, shadow size and shadow color. You can also make rounded corners and edit the border style. The colors of the text in the box are also changeable as well as size and font styles.

FreshGenerator can be useful if you are designing your own template or customizing an existing one to fit your taste. It can also be used to create background boxes for your advertisement or site announcement banners.

See the sample below.

5 Comments on “FreshGenerator: Online Image Box Generator

  1. Another cool gadget to use then. I wonder how I can use and creat boxes.. That would be amazing to try. I am not a designer but it is good to be introduced to this fresh generator…

  2. @Reggy: Even with Photoshop around it’s also a neat tool to play with color combination and effects for boxes.

    @WebbieGurl: Give it a try. It’s a pretty neat tool. 😉

  3. Thanks for adding me Web-Betty. I read your blog and I really love the work that you are doing there. You can expect me to visit often. 😀

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