Flipping Typical: What The Fonts Installed In Your Computer Looks Like on Your Browser

Flipping Typical is an online tool for exploring the popular typefaces you have on your computer. If you get tired of browsing for fonts that you are going to use for your next online project, it might be a good idea to pay Flipping Typical a visit.

Once you land on Flipping Typical’s site, it will immediately detect the popular fonts that are installed in your computer and display the name of the font and their respective typefaces. Just click the fonts to flip and view the large version. If you have other fonts installed but did not find them in Flipping Typical and want to view them using the tool, you can simply type the name of the font on the topmost black area of Flipping Typical and watch your font get added to the list. There are also two keyboard shortcuts that you can use (control-b=bold, control-i =italics) to test how the fonts will look like in bold and italic.

You can use Flipping Typical to view the fonts that are installed in your computer and see what they look like when on your browser. This is a great tool for web designers. It works faster than changing the fonts in Photoshop and uploading them to your web host just to see if it will blend with your website.

Wait a second, this is in my web browser, how do you know what fonts i have installed!?!

We create some hidden elements and measure them before and after changing their font-family. It turns out that this isn’t a new idea.


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