FaceInHole: Put Your Face in Different Scenarios

FaceinHoleFaceInHole is a web application that lets you put your face in different images with different scenarios. You can place your face on top of someone else’s to create a whole new image that’s all you. It’s like one of those scenario boards that you see on tourist spots and theme parks where you get to put your face in a hole and get your picture taken as if you are included in the original work of art or scenario picture.

In order to use the service, you’ll only need a photo of you or your friends to work with. You can also use your webcam to take a snapshot of yourself and immediately import it in any FaceinHole Scenarios. You can select from their collection of scenarios with blank faces and simply drag your photo on the image scenario. You can also adjust the size of the face and rotate it so that it will fit the hole. The brightnessm contrast, hue and saturation of the face can be adjusted in order to make your FaceinHole scenario look flawless.

If you don’t see any scenarios that interest you, you can simply create your own by uploading a scenario image that you want to use. The scenario editor lets you cut the portion of the image according to your preference. You can easily move the points on the selection tool of the editor to take out the portion where the face will be placed.

Instead of spending time manipulating images in order to place your face on top of someone else’s, you can use FaceinHole and accomplish the task in just a matter of seconds. You can play with your photos and try something different with it or you can have some fun with your friends’ photos and surprise them by placing their faces on different scenarios.

FaceinHole Scenarios

FaceinHole is also available for the iPhone.

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