FaceBomb: Add Effects to your Photos

facebombFaceBomb is an online photo enhancement tool where you can do a lot of neat stuff with your photos automatically. You need not be a Photoshop ninja in order to make your photos stand out. Just upload them at FaceBomb, select which enhancement tickles your fancy and watch it do the work for you. No signing-up and registration required. You can add effects on your photos in a matter of minutes.

Once you have uploaded your photo, just select an area, crop it and add your desired effect. There’s a wide variety of effects that you can choose from. You don’t have to bother with the technicalities of knowing the name of each effect. Just view the sample photos and choose which effect best interests you. You can also add text and other images on your photos.

This is an easy and painless way of enhancing your photos without taking too much time editing and adding effects manually on photo editors. You can use this to quickly tweak your photos for use on your social networking profiles. This works best on profile pictures but you can also try experimenting using other images. Have fun with your photos.

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