Enhance Your Website With a Flash 3D Slider using Cu3er

cu3erCu3er is an image slider that you can use to visually enhance your website and grab user’s attention. The slider was initially conceived to create 3D transitions between slides. It turned out to be a convenient and multifunction solution that can be applied in different areas with regards to web design. You can use Cu3er as a content slider, feature slider or as an image and banner rotator.

To use Cu3er, you don’t need to be an expert web designer but you do need a limited knowledge in web authoring. You can set it up and have it running if you are quite familiar with Flash Player 9, XML Basics, Embedding .swf files into web pages using SWFObject.js and has some experience in image editing such as creating and exporting slides. If you wish to run your own 3D slider but worried that your knowledge on the mentioned web authoring tools is not sufficient, you can start by reading basic tutorials that are related to the ones needed to run Cu3er. You can also read the quickstart and user’s guide pages provided by the Cu3er team and get a step-by-step guide in customizing and setting up Cu3er in your website.

You can use Cu3er free of charge for your personal and/or commercial projects. You won’t have to worry about getting in trouble for using it on your website. If you can customize it, you may do so to your heart’s content.

Cu2er notes that it is not always the best solution for your website. In some cases, there are more appropriate answers to your needs. Not all visual needs can be answered by the slider.

The user always comes first! Therefore, identify your target audience, analyze the content people are expecting to find, recognize the potential effects of the solution you’d like to implement! Once you’ve experienced the magic of CU3ER, you’ll hardly want to go back to anything known before!

cu3er image slider

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