Easy Online 125×125 Card Creator from Free125Cards

Free125Cards is a web tool, created by Simon and Marie of VividLamp, which lets you easily create a 125×125 px card. This is an excellent tool that you can use for your website or blog’s advertisement purposes, logos, avatars, or for whatever you can think of using the card for.

The Free125Card card editor is very noob proof. You don’t have to think of a background design for your card. They are already provided in the website for you to choose from. The background designs are originally and creatively made by the Free125Cards team. All you have to worry about is the font you are going to use for your text in the card. The text can easily be resized and moved as soon as it hits the background card image that you have chosen.

You can also share your creativity to others by contributing your own uniquely designed 125 cards (using their editor) and submitting them so that others can use it. The submitted cards will be showcased in the website and you will be given credit and a link to your site. This is will give you a chance to promote your blog, explore your creativity and help others at the same time.

125×125 cards are the most common advertising tool used by bloggers, and not everyone can Photoshop their way into a decent 125 card. Free125Cards will be a great help for anyone who wants a fresh-looking and nicely-designed 125 card made in just a couple of minutes.

5 Comments on “Easy Online 125×125 Card Creator from Free125Cards

  1. Louie, thank you for giving our new site/tool a plug. We created this free tool to help those that do not have the time or find difficulty creating their own 125×125 card.

    We enjoy being creative and we also want to promote people’s creativity and imagination – that’s why we also encourage participation and contribution to our site. Whether they contribute by designing a new 125 card, showcasing their personalized 125 card or just using one of our pre-designed cards for their website/advertisement/project, it’s greatly appreciated 🙂

    Many thanks for the generous and great review!

    Marie & Simon @free125cards.com

  2. I visited the site and tried the tool out, very very cool tool. It’s also very fast and looks great. The only thing I wish it could do that it can not is use your own background images, other then that its perfect!

  3. This is nice site when looking for something quick and easy.

    I agree with PagedLife, too bad can’t upload our own images, but that will probably come, let us know if it ever does.

  4. PagedLife and Alan Bamboo: Hi guys… 🙂 Actually you can submit your very own original background via email. This will give them a chance to review your work before uploading it to the site. You will be properly credited for your work. You can check out the designers/contributors page. Cheers guys enjoy the website. 🙂

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