Easiest Way to Make Your Photos Look Vintage Without Photoshop

There are numerous ways to give photos a vintage look. Most people will point you to Photoshop and some tutorials on YouTube that’ll help you make your photos look old/vintage. But what if you don’t have Photoshop? Of course there are mobile phone apps like instagr.am. But what if you don’t own an iPhone, Android or any smart phone that carry the app that you need to retro-fy your photo? Then there’s a web-app called vintageJS .

VintageJS is a free to use web app that will allow you to give your photos a vintage effect. To use the service, simply upload a photo from their landing page and make some simple adjustments ‘till you are satisfied with the effect.

There are photos that look better when you view them with a retro/vintage look. So, give those photos the proper vintage treatment, the easy way, through vintageJS. There’s no need to sign-up and you need not have any experience in photo editing whatsoever to use the web-app. Just play around with the settings and you’ll be done in a few minutes with professionally done vintage looking photo.


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