DrawTweet: Tweet Drawings Instead of Text

DrawTweet is a drawing App that allows you to share your drawings on Twitter. It aims to make drawing a social experience through a slick and simple user interface. You’ll be able to easily notify your Twitter friends upon uploading your creation through the software.

The drawing tool is powered by Bamboo Dock and Adobe Air. Simply download the application and install it on your machine. Log-in to your Twitter account on the DrawTweet app. This will allow you to easily share your creations on your Twitter account. Whenever you finish a drawing and wishes to tweet it, simply click the send button on the bottom corner of the app. It’s like chatting on IMs only with drawings. It also displays the latest drawing tweets made by other users.

Instead of Twitting text updates and your favorite links, you can engage your Twitter friends in a more graphic type of communication, through your drawings. Draw and share what you are thinking or just doodle whatever you feel like drawing. It’s an old form of self expression presented in a more social manner by using the most popular social networking tool out there combined with an easy to use tool.

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