DoodleSource: A Collection of Google Logos from All Over the World

doodlesourceDoodleSource is a website that tracks and collects Google logos. We all know that Google loves to change their logos in commemorating birthdays, special events and holidays. Aside from the fact that the logos are pretty cool, they’re also informative in such a way that it helps users remember special events and tributes.

In some cases, special Google logos only appear on specific countries and are not available worldwide. If you happen to enjoy Google doodles, chances are that you might have missed some of them – especially those that are only meant to be displayed on a specific country. DoodleSource’s job is to collect those logos, categorize them by country of appearance and make them available for everyone to enjoy.

The logos that are currently displayed on DoodleSource are the most recent ones used by Google. They will be expanding their archive with doodles from the past, showing the logo that Google used since it became live on 1999. You can expect a fully cataloged collection of Google Doodle logos in the coming days. For the meantime, you can enjoy the past holiday logos that Google used in their Holiday Logos page. You can also check out some of my favorite Google logos that I collected a while back.

doodle source google logos

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