Different Ways to Create Animated GIF Online

I compiled a list of web apps that can be used to easily create animated GIF. The tools featured here will not require you to register or sign up. Just upload the images and create your animated GIFs. Here they are.


Gickr is a YouTube and Flickr tool which allows you to generate animated GIF images using Flickr photos or turn a YouTube Video into an animated GIF image. You can select photos by using your Flickr username or by using a keyword which will display a gallery of photos from other users. Select from the photos displayed and they will be included in your animated image. As for YouTube videos, just place the link of the video that you want to convert into an animated image.

Gickr comes with the usual sharing tools so that it’ll be easy for you to share your creation. This is a pretty cool service and very easy to use.


AjaxLoad is not your average animated GIF creator or editor. What it does is allow you to easily generate and customize your own animated ajax loader icon. You can select from a list of indicator, choose a background color (or make it transparent), and place a foreground color. That’s pretty much it. When you’re satisfied with your creation, all that’s left to do is to download it.

Online Image Editor

This particular tool is not only focused on helping you create animated images. It also have several editing features that you might find useful. It may not be a looker design-wise but as long as it works, who am I to argue. But I’m not here to discuss editing features of Online Image Editor. The OIE Animation wizard is what we’re here for.

To use the animation wizard, just upload your images and every image that you upload will be considered as a frame. The engine will only allow you to upload images not bigger than 250x250px. You must resize your images if they are bigger than the said limit. After uploading your images, It will bring you to the image editor where you can choose to add more effects, do a bit more of editing to your animated gif or just save your image.


GifMake was featured here a couple of months back. It’s a simple animated GIF creator which allows you adjust the frame rate speed of your animation and how many number of times the images will loop (animate) before it halts to a static image. Read more about Gifmake.


Smirk lets you create an animated GIF image directly from your webcam. It will display your recorded video as an animated image for you to share with your friends. Read more about Smirk.

9 Comments on “Different Ways to Create Animated GIF Online

  1. I have a client who wants animated gifs on her site. I am still very much in the planning stages for this site but at least now I know where to go to get the gifs generated. Thanks, I have bookmarked your page.

  2. Ah crap. I’ve missed out on so much. This is cool – though I tend to not like animated gifs and have never had any use for them.

    Now that I’ve said that I’m sure I’ll find something to use them for soon 😛

  3. @M: Glad that you find them useful. 😀

    @Reggy: You and me both. I also like static images but I don’t really dislike animated ones. Just the ones that are too flashy that they hurt my eyes.

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