CVStash: Simple and Easy Online Resume Creator

Looking for a great resume format? Try creating one in CVStash. It’s an online service where you can create resumes the easy and simple way.

What makes CVStash worth a checkout?

  • As mentioned above, using the service to make your resume is as easy as making a social networking profile. If you can find your way around facebook, I can guarantee you that you won’t get lost in this one.
  • It only makes you dish out short and concise information about yourself, previous job(s), and current project(s). Unlike other resume creators out there that has a million text boxes and drop down menus, CVStash only has a few for you to fill out. It’s up to you if you want to fill them with a lot of BS or a few straight to the point facts about you.
  • Your CVStash resume can easily be shared around the web. You can also easily print one out if you need to. You won’t have to always carry a printed resume with you all the time. Simply access your account wherever you are and print one, should the need arise. Or, better yet, email the link to the concerned person and save some trees.
  • CVStash provides you with a clean design and professional looking resume.

The web is fast transforming the way we look for jobs. Join thousands of professionals who created their online resumes and getting the word out about what they can do. It’s simple, easy and most of all FREE.


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