ColorSuckR: Suck the Colors from Photos and Make Color Schemes

colorsuckrColorSuckR is a tool that you can use to extract colors from a photo and automatically create a color scheme based on that photo.

To use the service, your photo must be hosted somewhere online. The app does not support photo upload from your computer. You can upload your photos using various photo hosting sites and provide them with the Photo URL. The engine will automatically generate a color scheme based on your photo.

ColorSuckr is a great tool for automatically producing color schemes for your next web design or artwork. If you want to design a site based on the colors of a logo that you have previously made or one that was given to you, the tool might come in handy in choosing the colors that will complement your logo.

colorsuckr orangeinks sample

ColorSuckR Tips

•Drag and drop the color results: You can move the color results around the page, click on the color strip, hold and drag, let go to drop. You can also show and hide the color text by clicking the small grey dot next to the strip.

•Flickr pages: If you enter a Flickr photo page (e.g. in the ‘Enter image url’ box, ColorSuckr will find the main photo.

•Web pages: If you enter a web page URLl (e.g. instead of an image, ColorSuckr will scan the page and show you the images on it & you can choose from there.

•Use color photos: Yes, this sounds silly, but black and white images will only return a few shades of grey.

•Bookmarklet: Drag and drop this link – Get image colors – into your bookmarks bar or save it to your favourites and make getting colors from web images easy. Next time you are on a webpage with images you’d like to get colors from – just click the bookmark. (Works on images larger than 50px x 50px)

•Colors that are picked: ColorSuckr chooses the 12 most common colors from an image, so if your image is mostly blue with a splash of pink, chances are the pink won’t get picked up.

•Install the Firefox add-on: Rather than messing about with copying and pasting urls, make it easier to grab colors from images by installing the add-on for Firefox.

*They also have a great collection of pre-selected colorful flickr photos for you to choose from that generates awesome color schemes.

colorsuckr flickr images

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