Cameroid: Photo Snaps With Effects Using Your Webcam

cameroidCameroid is a service that allows you to take headshots using your webcam straight from your browser. There’s no need to download or install a webcam software that allows you to take stills and add effects to your snapshots. Simply head over to the site to take a photo and quick share them online.

The web app allows you take snapshots using several effects. You can take a photo of you with the filter, distort, framed or with scenario. Of course, there’s the regular clear snapshot with no effect.

To use the service, it’s self explanatory that you’ll need a webcam. Go to the “Snap” tab and grant the application access to your webcam. Choose which effect you’d like to use and click the “Take Photo Button.” You can either save your image to a Cameroid gallery, download the JPG version or use the URL link to share your image.

Creating a gallery in Cameroid can be accomplished easily. Simply take your first snapshot and click the save to gallery button. You will be prompted to enter your email address which pretty much covers the registration process. Everytime you save a photo on your gallery, you’ll receive an email from Cameroid containing the URL link to your snapshot so that you can immediately forward them to your contacts. To view previously saved images, just enter your email (no password needed) and browse the photos saved on your cameroid gallery.

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