Buildy: Free Online Floor Plan Creator

buildyBuildy is an online tool that you can use to create simple floor plans of houses, apartments and condominiums.

Before you can create a project in Buldy, you’ll have to download and install Microsoft Silverlight on your computer. Once installed, refresh the page and create your free Buildy account. The design tools in Buildy are pretty basic. You only get to add floors, rooms, doors and windows. You can adjust the dimensions of each room or floor by dragging them or placing values for the height and width.

What makes Buildy unique from a typical floor plan designer is that it allows you to add exterior and interior photos of the actual building. Simply highlight the floor or room and click the corresponding location where you want to add your photo.

Rather than using it to design non-existent floor plans, it is more useful in adding visual information when sharing photos of your existing crib. Combined with photos of your house, apartment or condo, it will give the viewers more detailed information in addition to the attached images. The over-simplistic design tools make it very hard to design a detailed floor plan if you’re going to use to create a dream house floor plan. But with further development of the application, it can be a useful tool in designing floor plans for users with little technical knowledge.

As of the moment, you can use the application in providing basic floor plan information of your place along with interior and exterior photos. Share it along with the photos of your new house, newly remodeled or renovated interior, or with photos of your existing house. You can also use it to document and feature before and after looks of your house. However you want to use it, it’s a great addition when sharing home photos.

Buildy Floor Plan Designer

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