BarcodesGenerator: Create Real Barcodes

Barcodes GeneratorBarcodes Generator is a single function web application that allows you to create real barcodes based on the text input that you have provided. You can use the tool to generate barcodes for anything. You can even use the generated barcode of your name or internet handle and use them as forum signatures and blog logos.

The tool is very easy to use and requires no particular skill at all. Simply type in the text you want to appear on your barcode and make a few setting adjustments to comply with your needs. You can edit the width, height, font size, color and background color of your barcode. After all the settings are set, you can go ahead and create your barcode. The generated barcode will appear almost instantly below the generator. If it doesn’t look right to you then adjust and play with the settings to get your desired results.

The service is free and you can generate as many barcodes as you like without signing-up for an account. If you’re tired of using your avatar on forums and social networking sites, why don’t you try using real barcodes instead? Just customize it a bit and share it with your friends.

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