Alpoy: Create and Animate Avatars

alpoyCreating a good avatar is an essential part of creating an online identity. For some, any image that they got online will do. It can be a cartoon image or something that they feel attached to. The ones that are more serious with their avatars use their own logo or personal photos. Alpoy is an avatar creator and animator that will easily help you create your avatar whether you are serious about It or not.

If you want to have a bit of fun with your avatar, you might want to check this tool out. The tool works fine even if it’s on beta. It may not replace the power of desktop editors for manipulating images but it will do fine if you want to add a little something to your photo or image. The design panel in Alpoy is pretty basic and straightforward. You get to use a pencil tool, line tool, some shapes, text tools and a few more editing features like transparency adjustment. What makes it more fun is that you can animate your avatar. You can add texts, draw on your images and set the timeline so that it will appear like those funny banner ads.


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